Why pay RCS to manage my backups?

Most of us have experience with a "set and forget" type backup, you push a button or rely on a scheduled activity to perform your backup. Only when you go to retrieve that important file you need because of a problem with the source file it turns out for some random reason or another that backed up file is old, out of date, corrupt or simply not there!

At Regal Computer Services we have experience working with and managing cloud backups such as Amazon S3/Simple Storage Service.

For a nominal monthly fee we'll implement and maintain your backups and check that they are working!

  • Cloud/Remote backups aid where local files are damaged due to physical damage or corruption.
  • Local backups aid where you may need instant access to your files with a slow or no internet connection.
  • No backups mean if your computer dies and the hard drive is not recoverable you have no way to access your files.

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