For those customers looking for short-term or long-term regular maintenance on their computers/IT sytems we can establish a maintenance agreement.

In these instances we will utilize an auto-connecting remote tool to allow us to connect to your Windows based computers without user intervention (once the tool is installed). This allows us to connect outside of your regular business hours, or simply as needed.

Please note certain issues may not be able to be resolved via Remote Support such as a hardware fault. 

Are you paying attention to an often overlooked member of your business workforce?

That member is of course your computer(s), they don't get time off or a sick day. When you need them you expect them to report for duty, be happy and responsive and get things done!

However much like a regular employee your computer does have needs and should still get some level of benefits, I'm not talking sick pay, 401K or access to the complimentary snack bar. What your computer(s) need most is a regular check up, sometimes small unnoticed problems can lead to bigger problems or even failures at a later date if not noticed and/or managed.

At Regal Computer Services we can remote connect to your computers on a weekly, twice monthly, monthly or quarterly basis to ensure your computers are running in tip-top health, take care of small issues and/or warn you of bigger problems that we have noticed.

If you're interested in keeping your computer workforce happy reach out and contact us to discuss your needs and pricing.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us

What is provided in the Maintenance Agreement?

Typically this includes:

  • Improve Computer Performance
  • Adjust Windows Settings
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Install Program Updates or New Software
  • Add/Remove Network/USB Printers
  • Perform Backups where Backup Technology is available
  • Check for Viruses or Malicious Software
  • Uninstall Malicious Software
  • Diagnostics
  • Generate Reports

Custom Packages available to meet your specific needs.

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