Static content is content that is likely to need to be updated very infrequently if at all. Dynamic content is content that may need to be updated periodically or frequently. In the case of the former a simple HTML page will work, in the case of the latter we develop a front-end client page and data will be stored, pulled or generated in a back-end server database.

If you're running an eCommerce store the majority of your data will be dynamic, this is to allow you to update stock, pricing and descriptions on your products while also enabling fast searching and advanced data querying capabilities.

The majority of websites that aren't simply for informational purposes will be dynamic pages that pull from one or multiple data sources to deliver a sleek and complete page with up to date data.

Dynamic data fights hard for you 24/7 and never throws a punch or goes down in the final round!

What database do you recommend?

All of our dynamic websites utilize custom Microsoft SQL Databases on a customized Microsoft SQL Database server.

MS-SQL is well positioned to handle small and large databases and performs exceptionally well.

We've used one version or another of MS-SQL since the early 2000's and value it's reliability.

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