All of our websites are designed to work equally well on traditional desktop devices, as well as mobile devices and tablet computers.

In our experience at least 70% of traffic delivered to the websites hosted on our network are from mobile devices. That's a huge amount of traffic!

If your website is not optimized for mobile, you are losing direct customers. Which means a direct loss to your bottom line. Your average mobile user will not spend more than a few seconds on a website if it is not mobile optimized, and they'll move on to a competitor that is.

Typically a mobile optimized website will have a number of technological advancements including responsive content, images sizing to fit the display type and optimizations designed to lessen the amount of swiping/hand gestures needed to navigate the website.

Other optimizations may include displaying mobile only content such as specially optimized images.

It's also become common place for the last few years for search engines such as Google to prioritize websites with mobile support over websites that aren't designed for mobile devices. This again can in theory mean you're losing traffic and visits to a competitor if you're not running with a mobile optimized website.

Mobile optimization doesn't increase the cost of your website, it's not an optional add-on. With a website from Regal Computer Services it is always included because we want your website to have the best chance for success and we take pride in our work.

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